Techmat Synergy Pte Ltd was incorporated on 21st November 1996. Over the past three decades, our network of clients, associated partners and suppliers have expanded continuously until today. The past successful business ventures and projects are the factors that contributed to the foundation and reputation of Techmat Synergy Pte Ltd. This track record affirms our strength, professionalism and commitment in our respective lines of business.

Our belief in having the right philosophy and ethics has won the trust of our clients and associates worldwide with the assurance of continuing businesses.

Our Company has established businesses within the continent of ASEAN, China and Middle East. We have penetrated successfully with collaboration more than 3 decades. And had a very stable trading network despite the linguistic and cultural barriers. We have achieved commercial success on project management, systems, equipment supply, commodities and electronics. Good rapport and partnership with various entities.

Headquartered in Singapore, a commercial and communications hub in Asia-Pacific, we are in an advantageous position to display our professional presence globally and locally. With a wide network of strategically located offices, our objective is to provide our clients worldwide with comprehensive solutions to enable the completion of successful businesses. We do our best

• To help our clients make distinctive, lasting, and substantial improvements in their business.

• To satisfy our clients’ needs by providing remarkable solutions.

• To provide our clients competitive and premium quality products and services.

• To seek growth through new ideas, new products and strong partnerships.

Our Vision

We believe the world is an infinite source of unrevealed growth opportunities for ambitious companies keen to explore new territories if we smartly connect local markets, people and cultures.

Our Mission

We act as your Trusted Partner to support your international journey, opening up new paths of development and fueling your growth on a worldwide scale.

Our Signature

We reveal your international potential.

Our Values

Our values represent who we are and what we believe in

Listening: We care for our clients throughout the world. We earn their trust by building long-term partnerships with honesty, integrity, and close relationship, allowing us to meet their need better and better.

Entrepreneurship: We share with our clients the spirit of conquest and adventure for new territories. Our playground has no boundaries: we never stop exploring new opportunities to grow across the world.

Agility: We bring a rich base of experience and a broad perspective, source of added value, innovation, and progress. We offer operational, strategic, and cost-effective solutions at every stage of international development.

Passion: We bring together people from all over the globe who are passionate about international. We thrive by revealing the markets that are opening up to our clients and their international growth.

Team Spirit: We are convinced that the diversity of expertise, cultures and solidarity allow us to go faster, higher, and further together.